xenonova, engine completed

xenonova has it's engine completed. Hehe.

Now able to proceed forward with game development.
The code base is messy but the database isn't. 

Main engine: Yanfly melody 1.00m (With some scripts removed) and shanghai scripts.
Playing environment engine: Camaria (Based on database)

Unlike the older release of my games (which sucks thank you very much), xenonova takes a different approach in RPG experience.

Three notable features in xenonova

Centralized monster system - Control, edit and update from database. Map will send data to CMS and CMS will call the battle events. In event of patching, no scripts will be modified and though it is weird/odd to use database event, scripts can and will affect save files. No user wants to redo the game just of a silly script patch right?

I don't want player to see nill:nill player script error or something like that...

Centralized shop system - Similar to the monster system, it calls the database event and well you get the rest. It also include a "cash" shop, I mean a token shop. You don't have to pay me to get items... (Need fine tuning.. =.=)

Dedicated extra option menu - This menu changes the game appearance on the fly. Nuff said.

Lastly, some scripts are disabled purposely as they can cause instability or not to standard.
This scripts will be enabled when I have the time.

*I will try to upload a demo but my stupid internet connection halts my upload...

Will be releasing a demo soon.