Game:Xenon nova, new engine, new rules.

Weeks ago, I stopped Hina mira development because of some issues with the core engine.
Well it was my mistake to use a early 2009 Yanfly redux engine and it lack some features and of course the compatibility with the new scripts. So I begin to update to Yanfly engine Melody but with much difficulty because the other scripts is old and I have to update the database again and check for events conflicts and re-evaluate the whole game to see if there's any bugs or something like that.

On to now, I found a new resource from a certain place (credits when I first release it) and I like it. The problem is I have to remodel the whole game and that will mean months before it will be released. So now I focus on the core engine and now the "game" looks great.
The main screen. Looks cool and the main page features it's own windowskin.

The player will choose the game he or she wants. Of course, the page is interact-able. Yay for that.

The selection screen.

Looks cool, plain and simple, just like Articina designs.

Custom menu, cool looks thanks to Shanghai final fantasy 13 menu pack.

Virtually independent from RTP package. Every single graphic/images is customized.

Xenon system requirement: Any dual core CPU (1.6Ghz and better) and 1GB of ram.

Hina mira sucks performance from most computer.
Needs high-end CPU (Quad core) and 2GB of ram.
Even so I cannot be sure it will run smoothly. =P