Difference between Camaria 3 and 4.

>>Difference between Mikito and Kyuro. (Both are Camaria 3 and 4 respectively) 

:Mikito: Designed for older browsers, use images for design. Impact CPU speed, further more if post contains large images. Simple code, depending on design

:Kyuro: Designed for modern browsers, use CSS3 heavily. Use less/little CPU, content dependent. Adaptable to different post content. Complex, depending on design

Overall Kyuro may contain HTML5 if I manage to iron out CSS3 stuff so compatibility will break. (This is blogger, not a wordpress blog... So I may have slight difficulty on switching CSS on the fly for older browsers)  

Right now, Firefox 3.6, Internet Explorer 9 and any webkit browsers can experience the full beauty of Kyuro now. Older browsers, IE8 and below, older builds of Firefox and Opera (Latest or outdated, both the same) well can't see the full glory of CSS3. =3

Oh yeah... Merry Christmas world! =D