Testing iPhone HDR photos

Notes: Photobucket is being a faggot for giving me this...

The connection was reset
The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

So kudos to that, I have to pause some of my blog designs...
Ultimately, I am very pissed off from Photobucket but it is the only reliable image hosting I can find of.
(Casually, walking to Photoshop Express~~) 

Anyhow, the iPhone 4 has a HDR feature that is worth checking out.
Some samples...

You should know who are those three. =\

Another one is with full zoom
Full zoom; text sticker from the bottom.

Quite sharp though the smaller words makes it hard to see. BTW it's a container from Royce' chocolate. =3

No matter what, the image is quite sharp but lack details. Irony.